Borchii Park

Borchii Park Truffiere was established in New Zealand in 2002 to produce fresh Italian Bianchetto white truffle (Tuber borchii Vitt.). In 2008, the truffiere, located on the dry, gravelly Canterbury Plains near the Waimakariri River at West Melton, made the first commercial harvest of Bianchetto truffles in the southern hemisphere.

Since then annual harvests of Bianchetto have been made between June and September. The truffles are located using trained truffle hunt dogs Ace and Bonnie. Truffles are harvested to order and shipped within 24 hours to ensure absolute freshness and quality.


Bianchetto Truffle

Tuber borchii, is called Bianchetto in Italy to distinguish it from the ultra-expensive Italian White truffle (Tuber magnatum). Bianchetto truffle resembles Tuber magnatum in appearance when young,  and is similar in aroma and taste when mature.

Bianchetto truffle flavour is famously hard to describe; complex yet elusive, developing progressively and enduring on the palate. There are earthy and flinty mineral notes and the aroma is volatile, powerful and enticing, with hints of shallot or garlic. The truffle aroma can be readily 'captured' to infuse and imbue other ingredients with strong truffle flavour, especially those containing animal fats such as eggs, cheese, cream and butter.

These unique attributes make Bianchetto truffle a versatile and highly prized culinary ingredient.

Borchii Park truffles feature on the seasonal menus of New Zealand's premier restaurants, hotels, and lodges.


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